Our goal at SavantCo is to provide high quality support
and professional consulting in order for charter schools to experience quality growth.

School Visits

Our team of experts will be actively engaged in your charter school to deliver a personalized level of services. We believe that high quality services can only be provided when our team truly understands the mission, value, and operations of your charter school. A dedicated team will make consistent visits to your school site so that your school receives a personalized level of attention. We will redefine what it means to be a “managing partner.”


Our team of experts will train your staff for your school to maintain a high level of success. As strong believers in the charter movement, our philosophy is rooted in that management companies should remain an option, not a necessity. Due to this firm belief, we are able to provide the schools with resources and training that is needed to build capacity within your organization.


SavantCo Education was formed by professional individuals who have the collective vision to make Charter Schools succeed.
Our company consists of former Charter School Auditors and Business Officers.  As former charter operators and auditors, we know what it takes for charter schools to be successful.  Equally important, however, we also know common pitfalls that make charters vulnerable.  SavantCo Education was founded to help charter schools avoid these pitfalls, implement best practices, and create strategies for success and growth.


  • Dan Lee

    Dan is responsible for driving the growth strategy for charter schools. Dan is actively engaged in developing innovative strategies and collaboration among charter schools to bring solutions that address their critical needs. Prior to joining the executive team at SavantCo, Dan spent 10+ years as a charter school auditor and successfully managed over 100 charter schools nationally. Dan received an accounting degree from Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois.

  • John Arndt

    John’s primary responsibility includes planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of the company and the clients. He is also involved with activities related to strategic planning, bond property financing, and investor negotiations. He joined the executive team with over 10 years of district and charter school auditing experience. John holds a CPA license from California Board of Accountancy.

  • Roy Kim

    Roy oversees the development arm of SavantCo, which provides support for new and existing charter schools in the areas of compliance, grants, new and renewal petition, strategic planning, and budget development. He joined the executive team with over 10 years of experience in the education field, having successfully opened several charter schools in Los Angeles as the lead petitioner and received over $2.5M in various grants.

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