Charter School Solutions

At Savantco we understand each Charter is unique. One size fits all approaches will never help your school reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you-your school, your culture, your one of a kind challenges.

SavantCo's Services

From the basic building blocks in the development process to the intricate management of a fully functioning charter school, we have assembled a team of experts, with many years of charter experience, to address any need.

SavantCo’s Mission:

SavantCo Education was formed by professional individuals who have the collective vision to make Charter Schools succeed. Our company consists of former Charter School Executive Directors, Business Officers, and Auditors. We know that for a Charter School to continuously grow and be successful, a dedicated and knowledgeable team has to be established. Not only does our team bring this wealth of knowledge, but we also train your staff to build capacity within your organization.

Additionally, we will focus on maintaining constant communication with each individual charter school. We are ready to answer any questions or concerns and we pride ourselves in giving prompt response to the charter school.

SavantCo Differentiations

The foundation of our philosophy is built around our team being actively engaged in your organization. SavantCo’s team continuously look for ways to help, support, and improve all aspects of your operations. From finance to educational program, we truly become a part of your organization and not just a back office.

Key differentiations

  • Consistent visits to the school sites
  • No delay in response time
  • In-person, hands-on training
  • All services provided in-house and not by outsourcing or through a third party vendor


Our Services all begin with a personal consultation to review your charter’s specific needs.

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